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Employee Discount Shopping

A Benefit That Benefits Your Business.

BeyondWork's "self-help" Employee Discount Shopping Program capitalizes on the speed, flexibility and accessibility of the Internet to give employees a convenient way to address personal needs for leisure, recreation, fitness and community. Best of all, it's available 24/7, from any Internet-connected computer at home or in the workplace and offers lifestyle services and products from such premium brands as Sharper Image, Disneyland and AMC Theatres at discounts of 10 to 40 percent. A cost-effective, one-stop solution, the program relieves Human Resources of the extra administration traditionally needed for such a comprehensive program. Managers get more productivity out of well-rounded, happier, less stressed employees. 

  • For HR representatives or business owners: To get more information about the BeyondWork's Employee Discount Shopping program or to enroll your company, click here.
  • For corporate  employees: If your company has already joined BeyondWork, please go to the employee New Member Sign-Up page.  You are already eligible to become a registered member.
  • To view what's available on Employee Discount Shopping program, click here.

With Employee Discount Shopping, Everybody Wins

Employers get:

  • An outsourced, scalable discount shopping program

  • A way to enhance "employer of choice" perception

  • One-stop shopping for the purchase of corporate gifts

  • Ease of implementation.  It takes only minutes to set up with no increase in administrative overhead.

  • Potential for increased retention and productivity

  • Simplified service billing--annual billing to a credit card or company check

  • Launch support (include pre-registration of all employees; launch e-mail and paycheck-envelope promotion)

  • Consistent service for all employees

Employees get:

  • Heavily discounted products such as up to 40 percent off AMC Theatres tickets, 25 percent off Universal Studios tickets, 40 percent off personal electronics and 50 percent off Samsonite luggage

  • Products from best-selling categories: tickets, travel, merchandise, services

  • Convenience of shopping from a secure location at work, at home, or even while traveling

  • Access to hard-to-get products, for example tickets to events that may be sold out

  • Immediate access.  Pre-registration ensures that members don't miss out or forgot they have this benefit

  • Professional notices featuring new products and special promotions, always with an "opt-out" feature