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Paychecks are what employees live on.
Recognition and praise are what they live for.

Need for Rewards and Recognition

Recognition contributes to an employee's job satisfaction and pride, promotes empowerment and involvement, boosts morale and inspires loyalty, ultimately paying off in higher productivity and commitment.  However, competing internal priorities often keep employee recognition from becoming part of the corporate culture.  Managers want recognition tools that are fast and easy to use.  Human Resources wants tracking, scalability and support of the corporate culture.  Employees want personal recognition, appreciation of their individual needs, and rewards that go beyond the traditional crystal bowl or engraved pen.  BeyondWork's GiftPass
ProgramTM meets the need for ease-of-use, performance, choice and business sophistication.  (Tell me more about BeyondWork's Rewards & Recognition solution.)  

Need for Corporate-Sponsored Personal Services

Who hasn't had difficulty juggling work, personal responsibilities and individual interests?  Increasing demands placed on employees mean there is less time in the day for tending to life's routine tasks, shopping or planning leisure activities with family and friends.  Your company wants to help.  But should your organization be in the business of negotiating with merchants, managing cash and selling tickets?  Isn't it time to outsource employee lifestyle programs using a self-service system that's truly efficient and frees Human Resources to develop assets in human capital?  (Tell me more about BeyondWork's Employee Discount Shopping services.)