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The GiftPass Solution

For Human Resources

The GiftPass Administrator eases the burden of managing a large-scale reward program. The supervisor of an award program can view GiftPass program reports online, in real-time. He or she can :

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  • Track GiftPass activity to analyze program usage

  • View manager activity reports

  • Print GiftPass employee reports to use for tax and payroll accounting

  • Review program feedback
For Managers

The GiftPass Sender provides a quick and easy way for managers to deliver rewards to their employees. Personalized rewards can be sent from any computer with Internet access by completing a simple form. The GiftPass Sender also provides convenient tools to manage the GiftPass account. The manager can:

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  • Include personal messages in reward email

  • Specify any reward amount

  • Send copies of the reward message to other managers or senior executives

  • Delegate GiftPass funds to other managers

  • Request additional funds

  • Track GiftPass and account activity
For Employees

The GiftPass Shopper serves as the redemption center for employee rewards. Employees can use a GiftPass--an online voucher--at leading online merchants chosen by your company. Employees can:

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  • Receive a reward instantly via email

  • Shop at multiple stores, and check out only once

  • Choose from a wide selection of merchandise from leading online merchants
  • Augment reward with a personal credit card

  • Donate all or portion of the GiftPass to charity