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Rewards & Recognition

Why is Recognition Important?

I should tell Sue and John how much their work means to the company … How many times have thoughts like these crossed your mind? How many times have you actually turned those thoughts into action? With markets in turmoil, stock options losing their value, end-of-year bonuses seeming lifetimes away and a pervasive attitude of "employment-at-will," how important is it that your best employees know that you value their contributions and loyalty?

Most people agree that recognition is more critical to your success right now than at any time in the recent past. Recognition contributes to job satisfaction, promotes involvement, raises morale and inspires loyalty. Recognition can make the difference between the winners and the casualties of the war for talent.

The BeyondWork Solution

BeyondWork's GiftPass Program™ is a first-of-its-kind solution--integrated program administration, powerful recognition tools and rapid online redemption--that provides the complete one-stop shop for employee recognition.  Using patent-pending technology and your corporate network, the GiftPass Program™ creates a company-branded, trackable program that empowers managers to deliver personal recognition easily, regularly and effectively,  At the same time, the GiftPass Program™ enables employees to safely, quickly redeem awards by choosing gifts that appeal to their personal taste, circumstances and needs--even donating to charity.

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